Barbie’s 50th birthday at Colette.

Barbie celebrates her 50th birthday at colette, March 9th-28th ! Barbie embodies glamour, fashion and feminity for over 5 decades. She naturally settles down at colette for her birthday, where designers make theirs her environment.

An amazing event for 50 years of success and for a tribute to the icon of the biggest designers.

For the occasion, a „Barbie room“ will be installed on the first floor presenting Jeremy Scott’s collection of Barbie clothing and accessories as well as various exclusive products: MP3 players, Barbie Rocks of Beverly Hills jewellery, Stila Make-up, stationery, Dylan’s Candy Bar sweets and also a brand new line of beauty products.

Limited edition collaborations with designers selected by colette will also be available, among which Married to the Mob t-shirts, a Bless hairbrush, an Uslu Airlines 219c pink nailpolish, a hat-bag Azumi & David, Linda Farrow glasses, Alexis Mabille bow ties, a Goyard trunk, a Jawbone headset, Domestic stickers, Bruno Frisoni stilettos, original creations by des créations originales de Andrea Crews… Even the water-bar will be Barbie style with a special edition of dessert Le Baiser by Ladurée.

Also, March 9-15, come check out our Barbie and Ken windows and the high security exhibition of the very first Barbie and Ken dolls, only on March 12th.

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