China’s fashion missionares.


The entire world literally looks at China. China’s culture is about to be forgotten or soaked by western influences. Shanghai Tang had already realized this trend more than a decade ago and preserves at least the chinese clothing tradition: creating luxury fashion in traditional design.

1994 the Shanghai Tang Flagshipstore opened in Hong Kong, just for traditional chinese clothes – in exclusive materials only. No ‚one-world-shop‘ atmosphere at all, this store really has the standard of the category ‚international designer brands‘. But Shanghai Tang has even more originality…


Currently the management has founded the „Mandarin Collar Society“ in Hong Kong, which supports to wear chinese collars worldwide instead of western shirt/tie-uniforms.

Shanghai Tang stores and shops are located in different places on this planet already, here is the one where it began:
Pedder Building, 12 Pedder Street, Central, Hong Kong.

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