The world of Concept Stores.


The term Concept Store as the description for a new retail concept is not chosen very well. Usually normal stores do have concepts, too. So what is it about these Concept Stores? 

A Concept Store is a modern kind of departmentstore which selects it’s products from the customer’s taste: such a store offers products of (almost) all kinds in different branches: fashion, shoes, cosmetics, interior accessories, furniture, jewelry, books and magazines, art…  

Different store concepts focus different target groups: the luxury-lovin’s and able-to-afford’s, organic and fair-trade thinkin’s, the friends of manufactured goods, streetwear-kids, multimedia-freaks and so on. The product range is selective – the trend decides about the product range. Products becoming too normal are listed out. The very first concept store has probably been Colette in Paris.

In the future this blog will feature some Concept Stores in detail, a list of the most interesting is provided here already.

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