Slowman Rach.


You can’t call him slow: Christian Rach, star cook from Hamburg, toured in recent years relentlessly in the German province of the country and helped restaurant owners to flavor their daily business again. With new recipes for food and marketing, often á la (last) minute before the business-soufflé fell apart. With his new initiative he seems to slow down at least geographically: Yesterday his new, weekly TV soap „Rachs Restaurant School“ started on RTL Germany, the set is located in the Hamburg Chilehaus. This historic monument was financed by the shipowner Henry B. Sloman in 1920’s. The soap-restaurant is called Slowman – here Rach offers a dozen job-seekers his boiling hands. This to give people a new perspective, bring them back to a productive and motivated life. As a side effect, highly commercial TV-station RTL enters the next tiny step to slow down as well.



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