Eat Gallery in Maysville, Kentucky.

Photo: Eat Gallery

Located in the historic downtown of Maysville, Kentucky Eat Gallery strives to bring the beauty of nature to it’s customers. From unique hand crafted, to hand carved gemstones, mineral specimens, butterflies, and fossils Eat Gallery presents the customer with a one of kind experience not unlike one might have at a museum. Customers range from people wanting custom jewelry made by one of the craftsmen the Gallery works with, to children who stare in wonder and never leave without getting a free mineral or crystal.

The owners, Simon and Laurie Watt, are gem dealers and started the business to help revitalize the downtown district and to spread the passion they have for all things naturally beautiful. The building was a diner for fifty years and to keep the flavor of the downtown the neonsign „EAT“ was renovated and used to name the gallery, representing Exquiste Art Treasures.

The gallery was created to show how to utilise beautiful old buildings that were left unused in the traditional shopping area of the town. This area has been devastated by the Big Box stores on the outskirts of town.

Eat Gallery partners with all the local artistic groups and historic preservation groups and believes strongly that „local“ is the way of the future for sustainable business and care for the environment.

Photo: Eat Gallery

Eat Gallery, 46 W 2nd St. Maysville, KY. 41056, USA   

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  1. EAT is a feast for your eyes. EAT is the Gem in Maysvilles‘ rough. Think Paris, London, NYC… but Maysville Kentucky? SUPRISE!

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